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Government Subcontracting

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Government Subcontracting

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Small Business (SB) Subcontracting Program focuses on increasing subcontracting opportunities for SB through establishing regulations, processes and procedures to ensure small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, HUBZone certified small businesses, veteran-owned, service-disabled-veteran-owned, and woman-owned small businesses receive maximum practical opportunities in Federal government subcontract awards. The SBA’s Subcontracting Program website provides information to assist all involved in the success of the Subcontracting Program.




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Many vendors find subcontracting a preferable route to getting experience as a federal contractor. Large dollar value contracts ($150,000 and greater) require prime contractors to subcontract some of the value to eligible small businesses. This is an excellent way to test the waters of federal business without suffering undue risk.

Another advantage: subcontracting doesn’t require a vendor to hold a Schedules contract. When a small business subcontracts to a larger or prime contractor, the vetting process is done by the prime, not GSA.

If you’re unfamiliar with subcontracting at GSA or want an overview of the topic, refer to the Partnering, Subcontracting section of the OSBU site.

In addition to small business set-aside subcontracting opportunities, qualified small businesses that meet various socioeconomic criteria are eligible to compete for additional set-aside opportunities.

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